Gamba Family Violin family Restorings Atelier

At this point we must prepare the gluing surfaces. Following Kessler's advice I planed the margins using a plane with a slanted blade: this way the margins we get are a little curved rather than straight, the way they can be seen in lutes or even barrels. Planing can be done in several ways, like keeping the plane blocked in the bench's vise and running the strips on it, or working the selected areas with a short plane. A little practice will make you find your personal technique.
Gluing can be done using restoration clamps for cello, and regular C clamps; in this phase I also made good use of 5 kg weights, which I laid on the wood to keep everything at the right level.

As a further aid in assembling I glued some pieces of wood under the strips, shaped so as to keep them more stable and support the belly during the outer carving.